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What is Audit?

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Audit4 is an information management application designed to lower your GDS costs, provide better insight into your agency's distribution network and measure the impact of internal procedures on your bottom line. With Audit you can fully analyse GDS Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) to identify ineffective and costly booking practices, validate monthly GDS invoices, and prepare reclaims for inaccurate charges and wasted inventory.

Why Audit?
With the expansion of distribution channels and the complexity of distribution costs, you need immediate access to detailed information, particularly when it comes to managing costs, utilising market intelligence and efficiently processing data. With Audit you can analyse GDS invoices quickly and easily and look into the activities of your whole distribution network from your desktop.

Audit Delivers
Audit delivers information directly to your marketing, distribution, finance and sales departments to help them better manage overall distribution relationships.

With Audit you can:

  • Lower your distribution costs by identifying expensive and non-productive booking practices.
  • Validate complex GDS billing and identify billing errors for potential reclamation.
  • Identify agencies that are eroding your revenue by increasing GDS costs and blocking seats from inventory.
  • Turn GDS data into a powerful source of market intelligence by determining which market segments are the most profitable.
  • Empower your sales team to increase revenue by directing business to the most profitable agencies.
  • Run more than 50 standard reports, create an unlimited number of custom reports and accommodate an unlimited number of users.

"Audit allows us to quickly and easily analyse GDS's invoices. We succeeded in identifying important abusive booking practices. The culprits have been contacted and have now become partners in our fight against the ever-increasing cost of distribution."

- SN Brussels Airlines